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Spot-On 2018.11.11

Welcome to the 2018.11.11 release of Spot-On. Corrections and new features are detailed below.

  • Cancel futures.
  • Compress internal public-key data in support of larger McEliece keys.
  • Corrected state of Forward Secrecy Algorithms Selection's Encryption Key Size regarding McEliece. SHAKE is required for McEliece-Fujisake-Okamoto-B. Libgcrypt introduced SHAKE in 1.7.0.
  • Destroy the McEliece secret key once the McEliece object has been created.
  • Force processing of participants table on changes to "Hide offline participants.".
  • Initialize RSA key sizes in Forward Secrecy Algorithms Selection.
  • McEliece m = 12, t = 68. Keys must be re-created.
  • NTL 11.3.1 on Linux. The configure script must be executed manually.
  • OpenSSL 1.1.1 on Windows.
  • PostgreSQL 9.6.10 on Windows.
  • Prefer normal SQLite database synchronization where possible.
  • Qt 5.9.7 on Windows.
  • SQLite 3.25.3 on Windows.
  • Store McEliece public key objects in temporary container for rapid discovery. Container will be purged upon application termination.
  • The Debian package has been prepared on Ubuntu 18.10 using Qt 5.11.1.
  • Upgraded gcrypt to version 1.8.3 on Windows.

Spot-On 2018.06.06

Welcome to the 2018.06.06 release of Spot-On. Corrections and new features are detailed below.

  • Corrected buddies in various UI files.
  • Corrected wordsToBytes() in the Threefish implementation. Missing bitwise-and operation at the first element.
  • Inline documentation.
  • Lighter GoldBug Debian package.
  • SQLite at version 3.23.1 on Win32.
  • Terminate the kernel on an UI exit if the exiting instance is the only instance. As the number of attached interfaces is stored in kernel.db, the kernel may be deactivated if a second UI is terminated before it's able to register itself.
  • The SMP protocol over multiple streams requires a cache. Super blue!
  • Update the assigned secret on SMP launch via the SMP window.

Spot-On 2018.04.30

Welcome to the 2018.04.30 release of Spot-On. Corrections and new features are detailed below.

  • Archived OS X GoldBug project files as these files are not maintained.
  • Corrected GoldBug UI files. Missing widgets.
  • Inspect the kernel's process identifier via kill() for a finer UI experience. Schmidt-inspired. Unix operating systems only.
  • OS X now requires clang 6.0.0 for NTL. Please install via brew install llvm.
  • PostgreSQL at version 9.6.8 on Win32.
  • SQLite at version 3.23.0 on Win32.
  • The Debian package has been curtailed. Built using Qt 5.9.5.

Spot-On 2018.04.04

Welcome to the 2018.04.04 release of Spot-On. Corrections and new features are detailed below.

  • Assemble Fire destination tags. Smoke and Spot-On compatibility.
  • Limit the number of bytes in the Notifications window to 256 KiB.
  • Optional SSL/TLS connections from UI to Kernel.
  • Remove database connections.
  • Removed Inherit thread priority.
  • Removed the Neighbor Summary panel.
  • Sparc64 supported. Light from the past!
  • Ultra-sensitive context menus.

Spot-On 2018.03.15

Welcome to the 2018.03.15 release of Spot-On. Corrections and new features are detailed below.

  • Display system architecture.
  • Initialize atomic variables.
  • New Windows vcredist_msvc2015_x86.exe support file.
  • Ordered memory access for all atomic integers.

Spot-On 2018.03.03

Welcome to the 2018.03.03 release of Spot-On. Corrections and new features are detailed below.

  • Corrected Data/spot-on-neighbors.txt.
  • Decreased wait-on-write values.
  • Multiple interfaces will reset some statistics on launch. The kernel must compensate.
  • New and TCP services.
  • OpenBSD support.
  • Qt 5.9.4 on W32.
  • Qt 5.10.1 on Linux.
  • Query shared.db on kernel state.
  • Removed legacy SQLite ALTER statements.
  • Spot-On is now functional on Alpha 21264 processors.
  • Waiting on bytes written may interfere with other clients. Only wait if a positive wait value is provided.

Spot-On 2018.02.10

Welcome to the 2018.02.10 release of Spot-On. Corrections and new features are detailed below.

  • ARM Debian package.
  • Avoid dereferencing empty pointers.
  • Close neighbor sockets correctly under stressful situations.
  • Corrected multiple instances of neighbor statistics windows.
  • Corrected statistic s_totalUiBytesReadWritten.second.
  • Display Poptastic passwords in tool tips.
  • Enable WAL journal mode on non-ARM for SQLite databases save for congestion_control.db and urls.db.
  • Fire compatibility with SmokeStack.
  • Increased spoton_common::NEIGHBOR_SILENCE_TIME to 180 seconds.
  • Minimum password length set to 8.
  • Moved some database activity off of the main UI thread.
  • New Buzz HMAC key generation.
  • Non-post-office e-mail dates are now displayed in RFC 2822 format for Qt 5.x. Previous versions of Qt employ the ISODate format.
  • Notify the user of important events via the status bar.
  • Numeric sorting of e-mail attachment column.
  • Parse date from traditional e-mail per RFC 2822 format.
  • Per Mr. Schmidt, notify the operator of fatal neighbor errors.
  • PowerPC Debian package. Only on Spot-On!
  • Read friends_public_keys.db and neighbors.db via UI threads.
  • Removed Open Library key-generation logic.
  • Replaced SHA-512 with SHA-256 in McEliece.
  • Retain the selected Poptastic account after a save-account event.
  • Retrieve infinitely-many IMAP/POP3 messages. Please review Poptastic settings.
  • Secure memory sizes are now zero for new installations.
  • Upgraded SQLite to version 3.22.0 on W32.

Spot-On 2018.01.05

Welcome to the 2018.01.05 release of Spot-On. Corrections and new features are detailed below.

  • Removed SHA-256 from Buzz.
  • Support SHA-384 in Buzz magnet-validation logic.

Spot-On 2018.01.01

Welcome to the 2018.01.01 release of Spot-On. Corrections and new features are detailed below.

  • Debian package lacked multimedia support.
  • QAbstractSocket::setSocketDescriptor() may fail. Provided descriptor must be closed.
  • Removed OS/2 support.
  • Removed Qt 4.x OS X project files.
  • Replaced Q_OS_WIN32 with Q_OS_WIN.
  • Spot-On now supports Qt 4.8.7 and Qt 5.5.1 and newer.
  • Terminate the kernel on exit, if enabled. Please see Options::Settings.
  • Upgraded NTRU products.
  • Upgraded libNTL Unix source to version 10.5.0. Please remove the existing libNTL directory before building Spot-On. C++ exceptions have been enabled. Please review NTL's DoConfig file.

Spot-On 2017.12.27

Welcome to the 2017.12.27 release of Spot-On. Corrections and new features are detailed below.

  • Include the SCTP library in the OS X bundle.
  • OpenSSL 1.1.0g on Windows.
  • Removed SCTP support on W32.

Spot-On 2017.12.25

Welcome to the 2017.12.25 release of Spot-On. Corrections and new features are detailed below.

  • Buzz message format has been modified for Fire compatibility.
  • Clear Search contents upon a database disconnect.
  • Completely new derivation of Buzz credentials in support of Fire.
  • Corrected error messages.
  • Include the recipient's identity in the digital signatures of messages 0000a, 0000b, 0000c, 0080, 0091a, 0091b, and 0092. Surreptitious forwarding. All non-Spot-On e-mail messages now include recipient identities.
  • Initialize SQLite databases as soon as possible from the kernel process.
  • Monitor sigaction() and signal() results. Log failures, if possible.
  • Non-native dialogs on Qt 5.7.0 and newer.
  • Non-zero pointer validation.
  • Poptastic proxy type correction. The SQLite database poptastic.db includes a constraint set on the proxy type. The user interface must respect the text case (HTTP, SOCKS5).
  • Potential dereference of zero pointer (s variable) in threefish_decrypt_implementation().
  • Qt products have been elevated to version 5.9.3 on Windows.
  • Removed nonsense from spoton_threefish::setInitializationVector().
  • Replaced deprecated OpenSSL methods. Now supporting OpenSSL 1.1.
  • Replaced deprecated QSslSocket::supportedCiphers() with QSslConfiguration::supportedCiphers() for 5.5.0 and newer.
  • Replaced deprecated qSort() with std::sort().
  • SQLite at version 3.21.0 on Windows.
  • Upgraded GeoIP products to version 1.6.10 on Windows.
  • Upgraded OpenSSL products to version 1.0.2n on Windows.
  • Upgraded PostgreSQL products to version 9.6.6 on Windows.
  • Upgraded curl to version 7.57.0 on Windows.
  • Upgraded gcrypt to version 1.8.1 on Windows.

Spot-On 2010.06.07

  • It all begins.